5 Days in Library Land: Day Five, Reflections

A year ago I was the quality control manager at an environmental testing laboratory, and I had just received my acceptance letter for Drexel?s MLIS program.? I?d always known that I wanted to earn at least one advanced degree, and my goal to begin working on one by the end of 2009 was achieved. (Take that the ?you?ll never go back if you don?t do a second degree right away? line of thinking!)

Starting classes in March felt a bit like being on the spinning teacups ride at Disneyland, but I found my balance.? I started interning at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden?s research library, attended my first library conference,? became a 2009-1011 ARL Diversity Scholar.? To a little more detail you can read my post Catching Up.? In November I submitted my first job application with editorial help from Megan Perez and Missy Harvey.? I was unfamiliar with this some of this quarter?s topics of study: collection development, and foundations of information systems. So, I did what I always do when stressed, researched and read until comfort was achieved.? There was a lot of reading going on.? On November 30th I was honored to be named the ACRL member of the week.

Three quarters down, two to go!? Next quarter I?ll be studying Resources in Social Science, Instructional Role Information Specialist, and Academic Library Service.? Drexel?s quarter begins January 4th, 2010 and I?ll be at ALA Midwinter January 14th-19th.? If anyone is interested in meeting up I have time the 17th after about 4pm until I leave on the 19th.? Several of my instructors kindly provided me with the readings from the beginning of the quarter so I can get ahead before things get crazy, thank you.

A year ago I was a chemist, today I am librarian, a young librarian, but a librarian nonetheless.? Everything I?ve learned about writing, dealing with the public, organization, being in charge, and performing research, is built upon my experiences as a student at a liberal arts institution, a laboratory instructor, a chemist, a quality control manager, a library school student, and as a volunteer intern at a research library, have shaped who I am today.? I?ve been fortunate to find several librarians who are both willing, and capable, mentors. I have several people I can contact with questions, or for help proof reading.? I have people who will not only tell me what not to do, but why.? Much of my transformation from chemist to librarian is due to these individuals, and any success I achieve is due in large part to their generous advice and encouragement.

In the future I plan to pursue my interests in promoting literacy, science, and preservation.? So the question is, what will I be doing in 10 years?? My goal is to study and become fluent in Japanese, teach literacy and library science classes, continue studying preservation, cataloging, science (broad term), and e-resources, and do original research on the user group(s) who frequent my library.

My questions for anyone reading are:

How have you changed in the last year?? How would you like to change in the future?

May you all have a peaceful and relaxing rest of the year, catch you in 2010!

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