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Link Roundup

Here is a collection of links from my to be read folder about Open Data and Open Science.? Can one really separate the two? (Catching up and deleting bookmarks is a wonderful thing.)

Feel free to share this list or use the comments to add a suggested reading.? (FYI, all comments with links are moderated to prevent spam from showing up but will be approved ASAP, no site registration is required.)

Heather Piwowar’s ‘Who Shares? Who Doesn?t? PloS ONE

Why Open Data Alone Is Not Enough

DataCite’s MetaData Serach

New Tool Could Help Researchers Make Better Use of Oral Histories

From Deadly E. Coli to Endangered Polar Bear: GigaScience Provides First Citable Data (Slides)

What Can We Learn From Download Statistics for Institutional Repositories?

World Bank?s Open Data

PLoS ONE: Data Sharing by Scientists: Practices and Perceptions

MacKenzie Smith on Open Licences for Data

Data Cite Repository List

Data Sharing in the ?Publish or Perish? Era: Barriers and Current Solutions

Digging into Data in the Humanities, Day 1

Open Access v. Cultural Protocols: Indigenous Knowledge Management Systems

Vancouver?s Open Data Catalogue

National Academic Press Free PDFs of all Publication

Data Documentation Initiative (Meta-data specifications for social and behavioral sciences)

BioMed Central Blog: On the unbearable lightness of mandatory data sharing

Data Citation Elephants

Open Access Citation Advantage: An Annotated Bibliography

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