Days in the Life of a Science Librarian *With Footnotes #Libday7

Cedar Point Biological Station
Cedar Point Biological Station

Monday 7/25/11

Get up to take 7:15 am bus to center city area.

7:45 am get off bus at 11th and N.

Start 2 mile walk to Transportation Services (which is not located near any campus or city bus routes) to pick up a university car for our 5.5 hour trip to service the Cedar Point Research Station?s library.

I decided to pick up some books from Dr. Griep Vice, Chair of Chemistry since it and the library were on my way. ?When I arrived I assure Dr. Griep?s secretary that I was not really there, just passing through, and then dropped off the books at the library.

Lake McConaughy
Lake McConaughy

During the remaining 1.3 miles of the walk I discovered that the walking path takes you along a sewer route.*

I finally arrive at Transportation Services around 8:30 am drenched in sweat (did I mention it was super hot!) and receive my keys and a gas card

after signing my life away. ?I walked out and discover they?ve put me in a huge Chevy Malibu O_o.** ?After a moment to freak out about the monster car I?ve been assigned I got in the car, readjust mirrors, figure out how the darn thing works. ?I couldn?t find the release for the parking break at all, and it wasn’t set, so I didn’t use it.? After successfully starting the car I drove to my apartment to pick up my luggage and a borrowed work computer before heading out to pick up my coworker who was accompanying me on the adventure and head out toward Cedar Point which is located next to Lake McConaughy.

Around 12:30pm we stop in a random town for lunch and find a great inexpensive Chinese Buffet, hurray! ?An hour later we are back on the road.