Open Educational Resources

Hard at Work

As some of you may have noticed a I published a guide to Open Science Resources last month, that guide is a work in progress but is targeted toward those working and studying science at UNL.? There are a lot of great Open Access resources out there for educators that don’t fit with the way I chose to design my guide.

Educational materials always seem to increase in price, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In the spirit of promoting Open Access I present to you a multidisciplinary selection of Open Educational Resources that I reviewed but did not include in the Teaching Resources section of my guide to Open Science.


Textbooks, Reference, and Primary Source Materials

CK-12 Flexbooks


100 Extensive University Libraries Around the World That Anyone Can Access


Interactive Resources:

Dynamic Periodic Table

How to Write an Effective Essay Video
English Lessons via Video

Field Trip Earth

NBC Learn K-12

PBS Learning Media

Documentary Heaven

Teaching Resources

50 Ways to Leave Your Term Paper or Book Report and Tell Your Story

10 Awesome Free Tools for Creating Infographics

Free Technology For Teachers

Please share your favorite Open Education resources in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list!