Data Management with ACRL

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How are you saving your data?

There are several options for those who want to learn more about data management through ACRL. I am listing them below to clarify how they relate to each other.

At ACRL 2015 in Portland there is a workshop about developing data management services:

Getting Down to Brass Tacks: Practical Approaches for Developing Data Management Services

This preconference will address the data management education needs of the library community. Through a sequence of modules, attendees will leave this session with knowledge of the diverse data management landscape, strategies to engage their campus communities, and a plan for starting or enhancing data management services. It is the intention that feedback from this session could be used to inform future ACRL educational and training opportunities for data management/curation. A basic understanding of the research lifecycle, scholarly communication, and the broad concepts of data management is preferred. Prior to the preconference, registrants will receive an email of suggested readings.

Online there is the ACRL eLearning Online eCourse which is about writing data management plans for grant proposals:
What You Need to Know about Writing Data Management Plans

April 27-May 15, 2015

Description: Demand for data management plan consultants is growing as more granting agencies add this requirement. Most presentations concerning data management do not provide practical advice on how to consult with researchers writing a data management plan for grant submission. This course teaches participants about the elements of a successful data management plan, and provides practice critiquing data management plans in a supportive learning environment where no grant funding is at stake.? Join two experienced data management plan consultants with experience in liaison librarianship and information technology as they demonstrate how all librarians have the ability to successfully consult on data management plan. Each week will include assigned readings, a written lecture, discussion questions, weekly assignments, and live chats with the instructors.

Participants will examine how data and metadata are defined, open data formats, dark archives, and secure repositories as well as addressing specialty concerns such as how securely preserve information related to at risk populations, etc. Selection of effective long term data preservation and sharing strategies will also be examined. Lastly, participants will evaluate sample data management plans from the sciences, social sciences, and the arts and humanities as a final project for the course. Critiques of each plan will be presented to the class during the final chat session at the end of the course.

The materials used for the above course are also being used in ACRL 2015 Annual Conference preconference in San Francisco. Please do not attend both the online eCourse and the below preconference, they are essentially the same program in different formats:

Writing Data Management Plans Across the Curriculum
ACRL Preconference @ ALA Annual Conference
June 26, 2015, San Francisco, California
Demand for data management plans (DMPs) is growing as more granting agencies add this requirement. Join an experienced data management plan consultant from a major research university to learn how to apply your existing skills to writing strong DMPs for the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Most presentations concerning data management are more concerned with the creation and management of repositories than how to write, or consult with researchers writing a data management plan for grant submission.