Function & Statistics for Math & Physics

Algebra –?

This source has three sections on Function.? They are ?Function Basics and Simple Graphing?, ?Kinds of Functions (Periodic, Odd, Even, Etc.)?, and ?Function Squashing?. These three sections provide an overview of the different ways in which Functions can be calculated and used.? To view these three sections click on the link below they are the second, third, and fourth link in order.? This website is part of the Think Quest Education Foundation an international online educational community.

Create A Graph-

This site has tutorials that explain how to choose what type of graph will best illustrate your information.? You can also create your own graphs for free.

Calculus Facts

This link contains online flash cards that can be used to study ?Derivatives of Functions?. You can find both shuffled and un-shuffled flashcards by looking at the middle of the page where it says Flash Cards.? The ?Derivatives of Functions? flashcards are the second sets listed.? This website is maintained by Russell Blyth. Professor Blythe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Saint Louis University.

Math Camp Review –

Scroll down the page to Section 1 which covers ?Algebra Review? and ?Functions and Their Limits? and click on any of the following links in the middle of the page, ?Lecture Notes?, ?Practice Problems?, or ?Solutions?.? Section 2 that covers ?Differentiation of Functions? and click on any of the following links in the middle of the page, ?Lecture Notes?, ?Practice Problems?, or ?Solutions?.? This site was designed by the University of Washington in order to prepare graduate students for advanced statistics courses. The website was maintained by the University of Washington Center for Statistics and Social Services.

Paul?s Online Math Notes –

Scroll down?the page to?the header ?CLASS NOTES AND TUTORIALS?.? Directly below that are links which cover several mathematical topics.? This website is maintained by Professor Paul Dawkins a math professor at Lamar University.

Statistics to use –

This website is maintained by a Professor Kirkman of College of Saint Benedict and Saint John?s University.? If you click on the different links on the page it provides you with information on what type of information the statistics test can calculate and real life examples for each test.