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Reference Books, Guides, Handbooks

Lide, D. R. (Ed.). (2009). CRC handbook of chemistry and physics. 90th ed.? Boca Raton, FL: C R C Press LLC.

This handbook contains essential facts, mathematical formula, and constants.? It is the go to resource for chemistry and physics information on substances and compounds.?

Kok, K.D. (2009). Nuclear engineering handbook. Boca Raton, FL: C R C Press LLC.

Offering a broad overview of the field, the Nuclear Engineering Handbook provides an introduction to basic nuclear power and nuclear engineering development.? It contains a historical review, details explanation of all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, and analytical techniques. It also addresses health and safety issues.

Miller, K. L. (1992). CRC handbook of management of radiation protection programs. 2nd ed.? Boca Raton, FL: C R C Press LLC.

This handbook covers how to organize a radiation protection program.? It covers prevention, containment, dealing with accident victims and legal implications and requirements.

Tolgyessy, I. J. (1991). Handbook of radioanalytical chemistry. vol. 1 & 2 Boca Raton, FL: C R C Press LLC.

This two volume handbook covers theoretical and practical work covering the entire field of Radioanalytical Chemistry.? It covers data analysis, methods, and topics in this field.

CERN Scientific Information Review of Particle Physics ?

This resource presents a historical overview on the publication of Particle Physics reviews, and a bibliography of Particle Physics Reviews from 1957 to the present.

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias? Information Service. (2009).? Specialized dictionaries: German-English. Berlin, Germany: Retrieved August 13, 2009, from:

Cleveland, C.J., & Morris, C.? (2005).? Dictionary of energy.? Amsterdam; Oxford:? Elsevier.

Matis, J. (1998). Glossary of nuclear science. Lawrence Berkley Laboratory. Retrieved August 13, 2009, from:

This resource is a comprehensive glossary of terms in nuclear science.

McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science and technology. (2002). New York: McGraw-


Radiochemistry Society. (2003).? Nomenclature terms and definitions in nuclear chemistry.? Retrieved August 19, 2009, from:

This resource covers the naming and writing conventions as well as definitions of terms in the field of nuclear chemistry.

Walker, P.M.B.? (1992).? Chambers nuclear energy and radiation dictionary.? Edinburgh; New York:? Chambers.

This resource provides complete definitions for all terms related to the fields of Nuclear Energy and Radiation.?


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