A Day In The Life: Library School Student


8:15 AM? Log-on to computer.? Check Twitter feed for any relevant library news or job postings, read those.

8:32 AM? Move on the school E-mail, decide RSS feeds can wait till later.? Most of my e-mail was ACRL: Residency Interest Group related, offered to hook up applicant with current resident to help review their material before submission.

8:48 AM Login to Blackboard and catch up on message board posts for 3 classes and Graduate Student community.? Only light posting, not unexpected for the beginning of the week, decide to see if I can?t finish listening to and reading my Social Science Resources Lecture for the week (Drexel Weeks run Monday ? Sunday).

9:15 AM? Not quite done with lecture, but will have to save the rest for later, time to go be a volunteer intern at RSABG.

9:45 AM Arrive at RSABG’s research library.? Sign-in and catch-up, it?s my first day back after a 3 week break due to the start of classes coinciding with ALA MidWinter.? Start researching the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for a possible grant proposal and open access repository models.

10:30 AM? Get handed a Japanese serial publication for original cataloging, plus 3 other Chinese titles.? Look up Jim Breen?s WWWJDIC and start looking up characters by radicals.? Realize how long it?s been since I?ve studied kanji. Eventually get all the publication data in Japanese input correctly in Connexion.

1:30 PM? Take a lunch break.? Finish Social Sciences Resources Readings and posting for the day.

2:30 PM? Back to cataloging the Japanese serial publication.? Now that I have the correct characters it?s time to start putting the information in the correct fields.? As I start inputing the item description I realize that the book contains articles which are given in both Japanese and English,? with some Latin descriptions, look up Latin language code, it’s LAT.? Start checking fields for all necessary foreign language additions, measure size of book.

4:00 PM? Decide to call it a day since it takes a while to work my way through the CONSER website to check my serials cataloging.? Get gas and groceries on the way home.

5:30 PM? Log-on to computer, check school e-mail and discussion boards while eating dinner.

6:05 PM? Decide to start writing my 3-4 page Learning Context Paper for Information Literacy Instruction Class.? It feels overwhelming, but I?ll just start and follow the directions and then it?ll stop being so intimidating.

6:45? PM? Finished a little over a page of my paper.? Must stop for now, time to go be Assistant Director for the play Self Help.

10:52? PM? Back from rehearsal, time to check the Drexel message boards and then work on that paper again.

11:39 PM? A little over 2 pages are written, with a little light editing.? Fading fast, time to call it a day after a quick look at my RSS Feed, mainly library related.