Happy 101

Happy 101
Happy 101

Back in January Library Scenester, aka Erin Dorney, gave me a Happy 101 Award.? Thank you again Erin!? Erin is a sweet, enthusiastic, and engaging blogger, and I recommend you check her out if you haven?t already.? In addition to being a great person, Erin is the Outreach Librarian for the University of Pennsylvania, Millersville.

So, what is Happy 101?

Happy 101 is an Internet meme, and if you trace it backwards you?ll see it has passed through many different types of blogs, but I’ll let you discover exactly what types of blogs for yourself. ? Meme’s work by having you do something, linking back to the person who tagged you, and then tagging others to do the same.? In this case you share ten things that have made you happy, and ten bloggers who you enjoy.

Please feel free to continue this meme, or not, with no pressure from me either way; apologies to all the great bloggers out there who aren?t covered in Erin?s or my list.

Ten things that have made me happy:

  1. My husband Jeff, he can always make me laugh.
  2. Green tea, Genmaicha by preference, or any other unsweetened Japanese green tea blend.
  3. Starting my last quarter at Drexel (although I?ll be sad to go, it?s been a lot of fun!)
  4. Weeding the things we (my husband & I) own, and being able to donate really nice things to charitable thrifts. It reduced clutter, helped people in need, and reduced waste.
  5. The constant support and encouragement of mentors like Jodye Selco, Missy Harvey, Harvey Brenneise, Mark Puente, Megan Perez, and the list goes on.? Thank you all.
  6. My future sister in-law, she has a great sense of humor 🙂
  7. Working with the other members of the Residency Interest Group, they are interesting, dedicated, and dynamic individuals.
  8. Seeing the spring flowers, bunnies and squirrels twice a week when I go to my internship (botanic garden).
  9. Planning my trip to Drexel?s graduation in June followed by a tour of the New England states to see friends and family ending at ALA Annual in D.C.
  10. Taking a day to read sci-fi and fantasy novels right before this quarter started.

Ten bloggers I enjoy (I?m deliberately not repeating anyone Erin mentioned.):

  1. Stephen Abrams @ Stephen?s Lighthouse
  2. John Dupuis @ Confessions of a Science Librarian
  3. Stephen Fry @ The New Adventures of Stephen Fry
  4. Futurity.org
  5. Tim Jones @ Zoonomian
  6. Andrew Maynard @ 2020Science
  7. Michael Stephens @ Tame the Web
  8. Towson?s Emerging Technologies Librarians (Carrie Bertling, David Dahl, Carissa Tomlinson) @ Library Tech Talk
  9. Laurel Tarulli @ The Cataloging Librarian
  10. Beth Williams @ Going Green @Your Library

And as an Easter Egg for those of you who read this far, I just thought I’d mention that I’ve added several more resources to the General Reference section of the site which may be of use and interest to those interested in science, or just looking for a few more library centric resources.