Job Resources for Library School Students & Librarians

As promised, here are my picks for library job listings.? Please note that this list is geared toward corporate and academic librarianship, although, some public and school library jobs are also posted to these lists.? This list of job sources is by no means comprehensive; you should also subscribe to mailing list in your field of interest, search local library association websites, and search for websites dedicated to jobs in the area you are interested in. Topics of job websites range from USA government employee, Higher Education, School (k-12), Information Specialist/Services, to International Jobs.

Things you should keep in mind:

  1. Preferred is not the same as Required, if you meet the Required qualifications and have some of the Preferred go ahead and apply.? The more skills that are asked for in the Preferred section the less likely it is that someone has all of them, be willing to learn the ones you don?t have and you could land yourself a job.
  2. I realize that some people have obligations which do not allow them to move, however, being willing to move for a new job gives you a much larger job pool to draw from.? Think about what is more important to you, having a job you could love long term or staying within a specific geographic area.
  3. If you are willing to move for a job start going through your possessions now.? You own more stuff than you think you do, and time may be limited when it’s time to move.? The more you have sorted, donated, and given away the easier it will be when the time comes.
  4. If you follow all of these job feeds you will see a few duplicates and triplicates from time to time.? This is to be expected, the majority of the jobs are not double posted.
  5. Do not ever do the final proof of your cover letter yourself.? Find a professor, or someone who has been in the profession for a while who has experience hiring, to do the final read through.? Not only will this improve your letter significantly, but you will learn things from their corrections that you can apply to the next letter that you write.

Job Lists

Library Staffing Companies:

Lastly I?d like to mention ACRL?s Residency Interest Group (RIG) webpage.? RIG not only posts news about current and former residents, we also post residency position openings.? There is no other place where residency information is compiled on the web.? Check us out and consider a library residency.